Kick-off of MEDINA’s EUROSCAL Initiative

During the i-4 Global Hybrid Forum 102 organized on June 26th 2023, our partner Bosch (represented by MEDINA’s technical manager Jesus Luna Garcia) will officially kick-off the EUROSCAL (EU Friends of OSCAL) initiative. This event has been carefully selected by the consortium because on one hand it gathers important members of the EU-based CISO community, and on the other hand because it gives the unique chance to kick-off EUROSCAL together with Dr. Michaela Iorga (NIST, OSCAL Strategic Director) who will attend also in person.

EUROSCAL has been designed as the main sustainability/exploitation plan for partner Bosch in MEDINA, where the goal is to bring together an enthusiastic and open community of OSCAL stakeholders in Europe in order to further motivate its adoption. By sharing experiences, guidelines, and even source code, our hope is that EUROSCAL will further pave the road towards automated certification in the way envisioned by MEDINA. The EUROSCAL community will continue to be supported by Bosch and TECNALIA (even after the finalization of the project), so continuous engagement and discussions can take place. Furthermore, upcoming projects like Horizon Europe COBALT (also participated by Bosch) and EMERALD (also coordinated by TECNALIA) are expected to provide future engagement in this open community.

We hope that EUROSCAL will become an EU hub for discussions between relevant stakeholders (including Regulators), so the framework contributed by MEDINA can be leveraged in the near future!